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Schools Out!

Summer has definitely arrived here at Park Grove, with everyone enjoying the gorgeous sunshine over the past week. That also means school is over for the summer holidays…but before you all leave, let me just say a huge WELL DONE and THANK YOU to all you wonderful Class 9 members!

It has been a pleasure teaching all of you this year; as a class you have shown a tremendously enthusiastic, creative and eager attitude to our work over the year. Whether you are leaving to move up to secondary school next year or moving into your final year at Park Grove, we are so proud of every single one of you.

Miss Platts, Mrs Grainger, Mrs Fitzgerald and Ms Martindale x


Class 9 – What have you enjoyed about Class 9 this year? What has been your favourite trip or lesson from the year? Do you have a favourite event that was particularly memorable?

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  1. dominic Reply

    iwillmiss this school

  2. Mollie Reply

    I will really miss all of the year 6s when they go to secondary!

  3. Josh G Reply

    my favorite trip was the victorian place

  4. Jacob Reply

    I’m really sad about leaving but really excited about secondary school.

  5. J0shu@ Reply

    my favorite thing in class 9 was going to the grand opera house to watch groovy greeks.

  6. Lewkas Reply

    I will vist whenever oportunity arises.Sniff,sniff

  7. Lewkas Reply

    I enjoyed seeing the zoology department before Crucial Crew. I will visit Park Grove whenever an opportunity arises.Sniff,sniff.

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