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Junk modelling

Hi all!


Class 1 is so enthusiastic and loving making models that we are constantly in need of clean, child friendly boxes. You know the sort; cereal, biscuit, chocolate, milk cartons, esp milk carton lids/tops please!!!


We go mad for junk…

Thank you!!!!!!! 🙂




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  1. class1 Reply

    Thanks for all the extra junk! We have a real desire to build at the moment and the children are hungry for materials! Maisie builds at least one huge model every day! We do all use it though, so please keep it coming. Thank you!

  2. Anna Magson Reply

    Im surprised you have not run out of glue or selotape yet. I will start bringing in some materials for other children to make and take home.I love it!!

  3. class1 Reply

    Thank you Mrs Magson, I’m so pleased you’re enjoying Maisie’s models. We’ve had a great response to our requests for more junk so you and others can certainly look forward to more fantastic creations!
    Thanks also for bringing in your hamster on Monday morning. That was a big surprise! He’s gorgeous. I hope ‘Raptor’ has recovered from the children’s very excited squeals of delight. Ms Lamb
    p.s I squealed in a slightly different way. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to see in a shoe box!

    • Anna Magson Reply

      Yes raptor is fully recovered.He is used to mad children screaming and poking him after all he does live with us. The shoe box is only a temporary home for when he goes out. Maisie does take care of him. Me and Mr Magson are looking forward to parents evening!! see you soon

  4. Mrs Ramli Reply

    Glad to hear Maisie is keeping up the Magson creative tradition!!

  5. class1 Reply

    Hello Mrs Ramli, we’re delighted to see that you are reading our blog! You wouldn’t believe how hard everyone is working in Class 1. Please pop in again soon. We’d love to show you the progress we’ve made and hear all your news.

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