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KS2 step back in time…

Our KS2 children have stepped back into the 1930s/40s, exploring World War 2 in our current topic ‘We’ll Meet Again’. Our creative curriculum has allowed us to develop historical, geographical, musical and artistic skills, as well as exploring a range of text types and genres.

As an ‘ignition’ into our topic, in the first week each class listened to the famous WW2 record ‘We’ll Meet again’ whilst thinking of what was already known about WW2 and what each class wanted to find more about. The classes found out about how the war started, listening to Neville Chamberlain’s wireless broadcast where he declared war, and  have been learning about a different aspect of the war each week.

Classes 5 and 6 have started reading ‘The Unicorn and the Lion’ which has inspired them to write diary entries from an evacuee’s point of view. They wrote suitcase list poems about what an evacuee would take with them and even created evacuee suitcases to go with our poems using a cuboid net to create the case. 

Classes 7, 8 and 9 have been reading the modern classic novel ‘Carrie’s War’ and have put themselves into Carrie’s shoes, writing diary entries from her perspective. The children received a letter from Carrie and Nick’s mother, who is living in Glasgow and working for the Mechanised Transport Corps! Carrie and Nick meanwhile, are living with Auntie Lou and Mr Evans, who owns a grocery shop in the town…and they have been writing letters as Carrie to her mother explaining about her new life as an evacuee in Wales!

Whilst learning about the Battle of Britain, KS2 found out about RAF pilot Richard Hillary and recorded dramatic news reports of his story which everyone has enjoyed!

Already it has been an interesting and engaging topic and we’re looking forward to finding out more…

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