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Library Books

Which book did you get out from the library this week? Why did you choose it?

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  1. Bethan (school council) Reply

    Even though there were lots of good books to chose from I got out a diary based on the Tudors! The reason I got this book out was because I had read another one by the same author which was a diary from the war!

  2. Bethan (school council) Reply

    This week I got the bear no one wanted because I liked the sound of it! It sounds like a great book!

    • George Reply

      I got “waiting for Anya” by Michael Morpurgo. Somebody recommended this to me and I’d give it a try. So far its great and I am hoping to get more of Morpurgos books next week.”The bear no one wanted” also sounds like a good book to!

      • Bethan (school council) Reply

        I haven’t started reading the bear no one wanted but I can’t wait to!

  3. Moya Reply

    I’m glad you like it George! This week I got out a book called ‘The Karate Princess’ By Jeremy Strong! The reason I got it out is; I know Jeremy Strong is a great writer because of previous experiences, but I have also found out he is a very fun writer who is full of ideas!

  4. Klaudia Reply

    Library books is a good.

    • Bethan (school council) Reply

      Yes Klaudia it is!

    • Jasmine Reply

      yeah they are arnt they Klaudia

  5. Nicole Reply

    The library has very good books in it which everyone can enjoy.

    • Bethan (school council) Reply

      Yep Nicole I love the library!

  6. Jasmine Reply

    I got the cat mummy out by Jacqueline Wilson i realy recomend it 😀

  7. Katy Reply

    I chose the book Daisy and the trouble with cats because it looks like a very good and exiting book and wene i started reading it i loved it.

  8. Bethan (school council) Reply

    I got Daisy and the trouble with zoo’s because i had already read the kitten one and the life one and enjoyed them alot!

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