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Little Red Riding Hood!

I just wanted to share with you all that the Early Years and Key Stage 1 children had a real treat yesterday morning! We were all given the chance to watch a production of Little Red Riding Hood but from the perspective of the Wolf and his children. This was a very different tale indeed!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance and were certainly practising their wolf howls afterwards 🙂

Miss Plews.

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  1. Ahmed Reply

    I liked it very much. We laughed a lot. I love you miss Plews.

  2. ahmed Reply

    We enjoyed the show.we laughed a lot. I love you miss Plews

    • class3 Reply

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the show. I thought it was very funny! Miss Plews.

  3. Ms Lamb Reply

    We really enjoyed it too. The dancing and singing made it really entertaining and the children were completely captivated by the whole experience. There’s a photo on our newsletter this week which shows the children’s faces!
    Lovely message Ahmed !

    • class3 Reply

      I can’t believe how much the children were laughing!
      Miss Plews.

  4. Diane Savkovic Reply

    Katarina has asked me to write on the blog! She absolutely loved the Red Riding Hood performance and talked about it all the way home!

    • class3 Reply

      This is fantastic because it was a great performance! I loved Katarina’s gymnastic costume and she spoke very confidently about the photographs and what she had to do. Well done!

      Miss Plews.

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