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Mad missing maths!

Today, to stretch our knowledge and application of the formal method of long multiplication, we tackled a seriously challenging task involving finding missing numbers within long multiplication calculations. I think it’s safe to say we were all challenged!

Class 9 – what did you find most challenging about this activity? What do you think you could do to improve when we come back to this next time?

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  1. oscar (school council) :P

    I thought it was a very good challenge!

  2. oscar (school council) :P

    Can we do more work like this!

  3. oscar (school council) :P

    I like the picture of me!

  4. Elle

    I? all the photos taken!

  5. Elle

    I think it was challenging and fun!?

  6. Elle

    Maths is hard work!?

  7. Elle

    I know that it’s not till a long time, but I hope everyone does well with SATs?????????

  8. Elle

    Hello! Bye 🙂

  9. Ellen

    This work was very fun and I enjoyed working out which numbers the letters were !