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Map making

Well done Class 4 for your great map drawing skills that you displayed in our topic lesson on Monday. We talked about who would need a map and what type of information is shown on one. You then had a go at drawing a map of the Isle of Coll. Most of you included a key to show what your colours and symbols on your map were.

When you go out and about over half term see if you can draw a map of the place and bring it in to show us.

We look forward to seeing them.

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  1. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    I had great time making a map

  2. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    I loved making a map of Coll

  3. Dylan (school council) Reply

    I aded a police statoin.

  4. Rylie Ackroyd Reply

    can we do it again

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