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Marvellous Maths Assembly!





Well done Class 8! We’re feeling so very proud of you all; you performed wonderfully this morning, were incredibly enthusiastic and showed off some magnificent dance moves! Mr Symonds and I have had a great deal of fun with our marvellous maths assembly and it was great to be able to share the super attributes of this subject in Class 8 to the rest of the school.

What did you enjoy? Did you have a favourite part of the assembly?

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  1. Laura Allison

    I really enjoyed rehearsing the assembly and I especially liked doing it in front of our audience.

  2. Reuben

    My favourite part was the final song and ‘ aparently’ multiplacation will be back

  3. joe

    I really enjoyed our assembly my favorite part was singing the final song.

  4. millie rose larbey

    I really enjoyed the assembly and will be missing practising the assembly.My favrioute part of the assembly was singing and the funny lines.

  5. Sophia

    I loved both songs which we all sang, the were definetly a highlight for me. I thought that Annabelles solo was AMAZING to!

  6. rosa carter

    I enjoyed the songs and dances but mostly…………………MY LINE!

  7. Isidora

    I loved our assembly and my favorite part was when we sang the last song.

  8. Marcus

    I really enjoyed our assembly and I tried my best with my line. I also really enjoyed the backstreet boys song I think it will be stuck in my head for the rest of eternity!

  9. Livy

    Today our class play assembly was extremely fun 🙂

  10. Lucas

    I really enjoyed the class assembly because it was about maths and I really enjoy maths as a subject. My favourite bit of it was all of the assembly but the highlight was the last song,because it was really effective when the middle row kept on bobbing up and down.

  11. warqaa saadi

    At our assembly i really enjoyed all the acting and i now feel very prowed of my self!

  12. Cora

    I was much less nervous than I thought I’d be and didn’t notice the audience(except for my parents!) It was a very fun assembly and I enjoyed it all.

  13. H@rley N

    What an assembly, a lot of acting and playing some old rock music from the 90s

    My favourite part of the assembly was the humorous lines from the children (Humorous created by Mr.Mastrelli 😉
    Not a surprise really he’s always humorous!

  14. .Poppy Walker

    This was a amazing and fun performance which tunes of people came to watch. Thank you every body how supported and congratulated us on our play.

  15. logan clark

    “Will you be giving us money if we get our calculations right i mean teachers are paid well with good holidays that adds up as a fair suggestion to me”-Logan Clark this was an a amasing assembly

  16. Annabelle.M

    I found this an enjoyable and fun assembly but i only had a few nerves,Reason: i had to sing the solo which was very … fun but scary …

  17. Isidora

    yay so fun

  18. Connor

    I loved Multipcashns back!I enjoyed it all Mr Mastrelli!

  19. Isidora

    I liked lots of it.

  20. george

    I really enjoyed the assembly and I thought everyone tried their
    hardest, well done!I loved the dance moves that we created and I also enjoyed the several parts of humour in our class assembly.WELL DONE AGAIN EVERYBODY!!

  21. minnie

    I really enjoyed acting out the class assembly and enjoyed saying my line in front of the whole school!This is my line: to much sir Elliot only gets £3 pocket money per week, so why give him £19!
    My favourite song was the my maths song because it was so peaceful and slow, but I still extremely enjoyed multiplications back though. Well done everyone you successfully performed the class assembly, although we were all looking really nervous!

  22. Laura Allison

    I enjoyed this assembly and got lots of good luck and well done from lots of different people (children and adults)!

  23. jasmine

    I really enjoyed doing this assembly.Especially as it is my last ever class assembly at this school!

  24. bailey g and pujani p

    pujani:I really enjoyed the assembly and our favourite part of the assembly was the songs.
    bailey:I am really happy that I was there to do my lines and sing the songs as this my last class assembly.

  25. Livy

    Annabelle’s singing was very good! Well done Annabelle! :p

  26. logan clark

    this made me feel 100% better today 😉

  27. Betsy

    I enjoyed making the dance moves for multiplication’s back, I also loved being able to start the assembly.

  28. Mollie

    My favourite part was when Ralph said, “I’d rather watch a 90-minute football match and I hate football!” and when he was saying it I nearly burst out laughing!

    I also really enjoyed doing the songs, especially ‘Multiplication’s back’ alright?

  29. Mollie

    Hopefully you get the joke!

    • oscar (school council) :P

      Yes I do – I officially have that song stuck in my brain for a long time…

    • oscar (school council) :P

      And well done everyone!

  30. callie

    I really liked doing the class assembly because it was really funny in some parts and I enjoyed my lines.
    I really liked the my maths song but I did still like the multiplications back.