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Maths Games

We had a fantastic time playing Maths games devised by students from St Johns University this morning.  We’d like to say a big “thank you” to all of the students who visited our class because the games were really good fun!  Here are some of the things we enjoyed or found out…

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  1. Mollie (school council) Reply

    I enjoyed making the shape pizzas!

  2. Harry and Kian Reply

    We enjoyed it and learned new words.We liked playing maths games !!

  3. louie + helen Reply

    Louie:I really liked playing who am i when you have to guess when i described a shape and Ben had to guess what shape i was.

    Helen:I really enjoyed sorting shapes with there definition and name.

  4. Ben and Chelsea Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the angles ladder because I got to practise a lot of
    things like reflex angle and a full circle.

    It was fantastic my favourite bit was when we did shape who am I.

  5. Betsy Reply

    I loved it when me and my partner got some paper and one of us had to say the features of a shape and the other one had to try and draw it.

    I found out a lot about lines of symmetry!

  6. Millie Reply

    I enjoyed making titles for the venn diagram then putting the paper shapes into the different groups.

  7. Oscar (school council) ;D Reply

    Awesome day today! I enjoyed getting to know each other. We did Monopoly and if you landed on blue you picked up a blue card, yellow, yellow card and red, red card. Each card had a question on it about your normal life, like favorite color, if you’ve got a pet etc. etc.

  8. Joe and Scarlet Reply

    Joe: I really enjoyed being shape detectives by spotting shapes on buildings.

    Scarlet:I really enjoyed doing right angles.

  9. Sara and Amber Reply

    Amber:me and Scarlet liked doing sorting shapes.

    Sara: me and Joe learnt about angles and shapes.

  10. Oscar (school council) ;D Reply

    I liked the spider diagrams for shapes!

  11. Masha Reply

    I really enjoyed maths, especially shapes

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