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Beware – scary sentences!

This week we have been working on our scary stories unit in English.  We’ve been trying to use a range of sentence openers while building a sense of suspense.  What were you favourite openers and can you share some example sentences?

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  1. M@NI Reply

    i’m really proud because I used 2 drop in clauses. YAY !!!!! ;P

  2. Oscar (school council) ;D Reply

    I enjoyed drop-in clause. Here is one of mine:

    Jack, who was now heavily panting,turned to see if it had gone.

    It was a great lesson today. 😉 ;D ;P

  3. Molly Reply

    ‘Although her brain was telling her she was alone in the basement, Keira knew she was not…’

  4. louie + helen Reply

    Louie: I can’t believe i used all of them!!!!

    Helen: At the end of the murky room,there was a pale white girl.

  5. Jade Reply

    i really enjoyed making a story because I learned some interesting sentences like using a drop in clause. This is my epic one.

    Kyle, who was swimming, sunk to the bottom of the pool.

  6. Ben and Chelsea Reply


    Colin, who was slowly following the stone path, stopped and saw a creepy old castle.

    Torin,crept into the house,he heard a dripping noise drip,drip,drip.

  7. Betsy Reply

    I liked the ‘ing’ starter the most and this is my ‘ing’ opener:

    Shivering scared, Cat put one more foot forward.

  8. Molly Reply

    ‘Although her brain was telling she was alone in the basment, Keira knew she was not…’

  9. Lewkas Reply

    My favorite starter was ly :suddenly

  10. Jacob Reply

    My favorite opener was short,punchy sentences.

  11. ralph and mhasa Reply

    I have enjoyed it. it was very fun. (From Masha) I loved the spooky stories (From Ralph)

  12. Sara Reply

    my story had lots of scary things and i hope it doesn’t happen to me.

  13. Harry and Kian Reply

    Harry)He was extremely anxious to find out what was happening.

    Kian)He died.

  14. Mollie (school council) Reply

    I managed to use a drop in clause which is:

    Megan, who had been cautiously been making her way to the exit, felt a sharp hand grab her painfully.

    I LOVE SCARY STORIES!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. Joe Reply

    Joe: I canlt beleve that I used a drop-in claus Alex hwo was wondering triped over

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