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Maths Solving Problem pictures

Our problem solving in maths is great fun.

We started with a picture and a question. How many oranges are there? Can you reply on the blog and let me know?

I have had some replies but I will keep them hidden so you can have a go.

IMG_0201 (Medium)

Some groups made models and then took them apart to count.

IMG_0203 (Medium)

Other groups worked using whiteboards

IMG_0204 (Medium)

One group found the total and then looked for the pattern and could then answer how many oranges in 10 layers!


Our school bought these pictures from

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    Now that is what I call …. Complicated!! I bet you had fun though!

  2. Lilliana Reply

    The answer is 40. I juist felf SO proud that day. 😀

  3. class4 Reply

    Its great to see you trying to solve a maths problem using lots of different methods. I hope you are enjoying your problem solving lessons- they are my favourite part of the week!

    Mrs Hearson

  4. gaurie [ goutham 's big sister] Reply

    I think about 30

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