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Mega maths!

What a busy maths morning we’ve had in class 9! We’ve developed our times tables knowledge, learnt about mixed number and improper fractions before finally exploring shapes with some visitors from York St John…a very mega maths morning indeed!

Class 9 – what did you enjoy most about our maths this morning? Did you learn any new tips or tricks? Do you feel a bit more confident about these different concepts now?

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  1. Elle ? Reply

    I studied shapes

    • oscar (school council) :P Reply

      I did that too! 3D ones.

  2. Elle ? Reply

    🙂 🙂 🙂 I also focused on angles ( not angels )

  3. Elle ? Reply

    -using a protractor?????

  4. Ellen Reply

    This morning was so much fun I enjoyed all the activities

  5. Ellen Reply

    I learnt how to find the area of a circle

  6. Ellen Reply

    I’m a lot more confident with angles

  7. Jessie Reply

    I enjoyed working with the university students and me and Molly played dodble and it was a spotting game and Molly won all three rounds

  8. Jessie Reply

    I also made a 3D box out of a piece of paper ?❤️?

  9. Ellen Reply


  10. Ellen Reply

    And 3d shapes

  11. Jessie Reply

    I had so much fun doing the work

  12. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    The student I worked with was very nice! He did lots of games!

  13. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    Including ‘guess my shape’ and a game about angle sizes.

  14. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    I’m sad I won’t work with the students again.

  15. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    But it was a good session to be my last with the students!

  16. oscar (school council) : Reply

    I have no clue what just happened to my name.

  17. jasmine Reply

    me and jade worked on 3d shapes

  18. jasmine Reply

    and it was really fun to do

  19. jasmine Reply

    as we learnt so much more about them

  20. Becca Reply

    I really enjoyed doing work with the students ????????????

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