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Mental Maths

We’ve been challenging ourselves in our mental maths activities this week.  Which areas of mental maths do you feel most confident in?

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  1. logan Reply

    addition and subtraction 🙂

  2. jasmine +Ellen Reply

    We feel confident with times.

  3. Luc@s Reply

    I feel most confident at everything but sometimes I get stuck but I give it a GO!

  4. Shannon and Beatrice Reply

    I feel confident with section c especially with adding measurements. I feel good with section b.

  5. George Reply

    I am most confident in times tables and column addition. 🙂

  6. reuben Reply

    I’m confident on addition 🙂

  7. H@rley N Reply

    I feel confident with times, but when it comes to division I still have to give it go and defiantly TRY!!

  8. Poppy Reply

    Maths is my favourite subject so I love mental maths 🙂

  9. George Reply


  10. Callie Reply

    I feel confident with subtraction,times and addition.

  11. Tia Reply

    I felt confident with addition and times.

  12. Manon Hollingworth Reply

    I amvery confident with addition,times,division and subtraction but I need to workon fractions and also converting measurements.

  13. SCARLETT Reply

    I cant weight to get more maths.

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