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Much Ado About Nothing

What was your favourite part in Much Ado About Nothing? Can you remember any quotes?

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  1. Sophie Reply

    I really enjoyed Much Ado about Nothing It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Betsy Reply

    I love much a do about nothing!!!!!!

  3. Lewkas Reply

    I loved Much Ado About Nothing, the masked ball part was best!!!

  4. Lewkas Reply

    I just remembered “head over heels”!

  5. Manon Reply

    My favorite part of Much Ado about Nothing was the last sentence of what Beatrice said

  6. chelsea Reply

    I really liked the bit when Beatrice and Benadick where arguing!!!

  7. Helen Reply

    I liked the mask ball.
    I can’t remember any quotes.

  8. Mollie Reply

    I liked it when Claudio found out Hero wasn’t really dead and decided to marry again!

  9. Charlie Reply

    I really liked it when Claudio thought Hero was kissing another guy

  10. Joe Reply

    the masc ball

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