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How did you find the assessments we have done this week?

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  1. Holly Reply

    I found them really educational, but I need to do some work on fractions as I am not very good at them. I am going to improve this problem by practising tonight.

  2. molly Reply

    They were interesting!

  3. Klaudia Reply

    I like those tests !

  4. Oleg Reply

    Some of them were tricky but some weren’t.

  5. gaurie Reply

    they were interesting but a little challengeing

  6. dominic Reply

    I found them quite hard

  7. olivia Reply

    They was really nice but I could do with a bit more practice!

  8. jake Reply

    i found the questions very hard {but some easy}but i know i can do a bit better.

  9. molly Reply

    some of the questions where hard but most of them where easy 🙂

  10. Joseph Reply

    I liked doing tests especially when they are maths tests.

    • alexander Reply

      same to like love maths

  11. William Reply

    I found most of them fairly easy but I have to admit I struggled a bit on maths paper b.

  12. Katy Reply

    I personaly found all of them quite hard in particular the maths one, and that makes me very curios of my score!

  13. abby Reply

    i really like doing tests but some times i find them hard!

  14. lucas Reply

    the tests where not that easy but i managed to do a few

  15. dan Reply

    I think i did OK some questions bit tricky but i think i did well

  16. mae Reply

    they were quite hard

  17. libby Reply

    I really like maths test but I think I need to work on my reading test skills a bit more 🙂

  18. alexander Reply

    I got 16/20 on the mantial maths test and it was year 6 test too! (i’m a year 5). The other test were a bit easier because they were year 5 and less questions 😀 😀

  19. Klaudia Reply

    I enjoy it. I’ts interesting and I love maths!

  20. Tomas Reply

    its was hard but easy 🙂

  21. abb Reply

    i like tests but i find um abit tricky!!

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