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MyMaths homework and Problem solving reminder…


Who has done the MyMaths homework this weekend?

Remember you have until Friday 4th October to complete it…


Have you been brave enough to try our Problem Solving activity on our blog page yet?! Remember there will be extra special prizes for this activity so please have a go at it and blog your thoughts!

Remember you have until the end of Monday 30th October (yes until midnight on this day guys!) to complete it…


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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I’m excited to know what the extra special prizes will be!! Your blog is fab Mr Mastrelli… I love reading it!

  2. Betsy Reply

    I did my maths the day I had it.

  3. Sophie Reply

    I’ve already done the mymaths homework.

  4. Manon Reply

    I’ve done Mymaths Mr Mastrelli!!!

  5. Sophia Reply

    I just did it tonight ! As soon as I got home!What is the extrer special prise?

  6. Miss Sawyer Reply

    It’s so lovely to see so many replies!!

  7. Manon hollingworth Reply

    I love the blog ,it’s epic especially class fives blog.

  8. Lewkas Reply

    I did both of them.It was fun!

  9. naia Reply

    I’ve done my maths homework today!!

  10. Helen Reply

    finished the my maths

  11. Sophie Reply

    I’ve done the mymaths already,the day i had it.

  12. Manon hollingworth Reply

    I did the second maths challenge Mr .Mastrelli.

  13. Mr Mastrelli Reply

    Well done girls. You now have the next class blog activity to have a go at!

  14. Naia Reply

    I have done my maths.The money calculations were really fun

  15. freddie Reply

    I have done the my maths. I loved it so much loved the money they where hard I got the hang of it thow.

  16. Freddie Reply

    I enjoyed doing them.

  17. Freddie Reply

    I’m already for the next thing you set.

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