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Mythical beasts

This week we have been designing mythical beasts in class and writing about them as experts. What interesting facts can you share about your beast?

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  1. ellen Reply

    Mine fires chilies out of his horn!

  2. Polina Reply

    I have enjoyed doing our mythical beasts in English, I really liked making my story up.
    My beast was the black death, when it scratches you, you die straight away. He can find you by burning houses. BE AWARE HE’S LOOKING FOR YOU!

  3. millie charlotte Reply

    millie: my beast is called the super bomb and if you touch it the bomb will explode.

    Charlotte: My beast is the people stealer ! It sucks people through its stomach and steals them also you can’t even see them because they look like the water.

  4. Ellen Reply

    They’re all to scary I’m going to go home and hide under the bed:(

  5. tia a Reply

    mine has a sword that shoots out flaming marshmallows (:

  6. laurie Reply

    Mine eats SOULS and NEVER gives them back.

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