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National ?????? Day

Following on from Mrs Hearson’s assembly we have spent some time this week planning our own special days.

Class 9 came up with a wide range of days including ‘Grow a Tree Day’, ‘World Pollution Awareness Day’, ‘National Woof Day’ and ‘International Minion Day’!

What was your day and when would you like it to happen?

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  1. mae Reply

    Ice-cream sunday on the first sunday of June

  2. Marshall Reply

    I’m doing international PlayStation 3 day.:D

  3. Jasmine Reply

    International India day on 15 of August (Indipendence day).

  4. libby Reply

    I did ‘Treat Nana & Grandma day :)<3' The event is on 28th may every year

  5. melo Reply

    International Pokemon Day 😀 😀 😀

  6. George Reply

    My day was International Pokemon Day!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    International superstition day on Friday the 13th

    • Bethan (school council) Reply

      Sorry anonymous is me I always forget 2 put my name!

  8. Moya Reply

    I made (not surprisingly) world table tennis day!!! Coming soon (the 18/08) at a Knavesmire near you!

  9. Sam Reply

    I did International Doctor Who Day on 23rd November.

    • Jasmine Reply

      I thought William C would be the one doing Dr Who day!

  10. Jaydon Reply

    I did international mini olympics day.

  11. Erin Reply

    I did International Grace Darling Day on the 7th of September!

  12. class4 Reply

    These sound great. I am so pleased my assembly created such fun discussions. I’d like a ‘stay in bed for the day’ day! Mrs Hearson

  13. Jasmine Reply

    😉 this was fun… can we do this instead of normal lessons?

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