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International Day of the Excellent Idea!

Following Mrs Hearson’s fantastic KS2 assembly last week, we have been researching special days (such as May 4th which is International Star Wars day). Please read on to see some of the ideas we’ve had for our own special days and events…

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  1. Caleb Reply

    I.C.T. Day!! and Official Sonic the Hedghog Day!

  2. Amy Reply

    i think it was a great idea it really fun doing it!

  3. devi Reply

    i did sweet day.yummy!

  4. Ellie b Reply

    International Sushi day (with free noodles)

  5. Lauren M Reply

    My day is international kickboxing day !

  6. Martha Reply

    I did international dancing day!

  7. Nikoo Reply

    I thought of having an art and craft day!

  8. oliver Reply

    i’ve done international holiday day………………..

  9. Elllie Reply

    Iam doing world moustache day

  10. Ellie.P Reply

    I am doing International Animal Day!

  11. Amira Reply

    I am doing International Rainbow Day! 😀

  12. Cameron Reply

    International Mix And Match Day yyaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

  13. devi Reply

    i did international sweet day 🙂

  14. Elllie Reply

    I did international Moustache day 😉

  15. Amy Reply

    I did world Sonic day.

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