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New starter advice…

Two children – Bailey and Sara have joined our class this term. What advice can you give them about life in Class 5?

What do you enjoy about this class?!

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  1. Manon Reply

    Class 5 is the best class ever!!!:)

  2. Shannon Reply

    well first i will say class5 is the best and you will meet lots of new kind freinds.

  3. Helen Reply

    Be prepared for all the maths we do a lot of it is very hard.

  4. Ben Reply

    class5 is the best class in school and Mr Mastreli is the best teacher!!!

  5. Betsy Leach Reply

    I enjoy lots of P.E in class5.

    Always try your hardest

  6. Sophie Reply

    I enjoy showing projects and doing Maths.

  7. lewkas Reply

    WE, do online homework, maths, English, i.c.t and p.e and r.e too.Be happy at lunch, that’s the key to a good day

  8. lucy Reply

    You are very lucky to be in class 5(the best class ever)We do lots of fun maths and English and our teacher, Mr Mastrelli is head of sports!WE do very fun home works and i am sure you will have a very fun time here.

  9. Lucas z-w & stan Reply

    TOP 3 stater advice!.

    Feel amazed.
    class 5 is the best!!

  10. Millie (a) Reply

    all a new starter needs to know is that CLASS 5 IS THE BEST!!!

  11. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I enjoy maths and english an ICT workiing on computers!!!

  12. Onett & Mani Reply

    We enjoy Maths and P.E with Mr Mastrelli but we enjoy all the rest as well.:)

  13. Harry Reply

    It is amazing in class 5.
    It is the biggist class in the school.
    Mr Mastrelli is the best teacher.

  14. Chelsea Reply

    Always do your best and class 5 is the best class ever!!!
    Mr Mastrelli is the best teacher ever!!!

  15. Sarah Reply

    I am glad to be in this class with Mr Mastrelli and all of you.

  16. Reuben Reply

    Hi class 5 is the best class so your gonna love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ben Reply

    Mr mastreli talks a lot 😉

  18. Joseph Williams Reply

    WE have loads of fun and exciting projects in class 5!!!

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