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Newsletter 23rd May

My goodness, that came around quickly didn’t it? Another half term gone and another holiday.

Well…. you probably deserve a break because you have been working hard.

Just take a look at the newsletter to see exactly what we’ve been up to…..  weekly newsletter 23rd May

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  1. Naomi Reply

    Is there a show and tell on the Monday after half term? Caspar wasn’t at school last Friday, and didn’t get a newsletter – I was wondering if show and tell was on the back, as he is normally in the first group? Thanks.

    • class1 Reply

      Hi, thanks for your message. No, you haven’t missed the list. We’re not doing it this week but will be sending a new rota out soon. Sorry Caspar didn’t get the newsletter. It was the same as the one on this blog but we’ll make sure you get a paper copy on Monday because it has a lovely picture of him sharing his work with an older child in class 8. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Naomi Reply

    Thanks – he looks forward to ‘show and tell’ and wouldn’t have wanted to miss it!

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