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Newspaper Headlines

That Robin Hood is certainly getting up to a lot of mischief in Sherwood Forest!  What were your newspaper headlines and what are the key features of a newspaper report?

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  1. Joshu@ Reply

    My headline was KITCHEN CHAOS and I said they got in by smashing through the kitchen window. Some key features are paragraphs, a heading and, if it is a gossipy newspaper, interviews.

  2. Avalon and Scarlet Reply

    Scarlet’s newspaper is called kitchen Castle Catastrophe

    Avalon’s newspaper was called Food thiefs and robin hood

  3. Osc@r (school council) Reply

    My headline was RAIDING ROBIN’S ROBBIN’ ROYALS! Some key features are to make the story gripping and interesting and put detail into the text 😉 ;D 😛 🙂

  4. Louie and Harry Reply

    Louie:I wasn’t here 🙁

    Harry: Title, paragraphs, Where who what when why, diagrams and subheadings. 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  5. Molly Reply

    My headline was Robin’s Ransack

  6. sophia and masha Reply

    Sophia-Kitchen Calamity

    Masha- Robin Hood-theif or hero

  7. Janet and Betsy Reply

    Betsy: I can’t remember the title unfortunately but I did have fun with the task.

    Janet:I really enjoyed the task

  8. Helen Reply

    My headline was what an outrage!

  9. Jacob and Joe Reply

    Jacob’s headline was “Robin robs in robbery of royal kitchen.

    Joe’s headline was kichten castle crash.

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