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Next week…

Next week we will be exploring the features of, writing and performing our own playscripts!

In maths next week, we will be describing properties of  2d shapes and naming the different parts of a circle.

Other notes
Next week is Walk to School week which we will be participating in. Please try to walk, cycle, scoot or take the bus to school! There will be stickers for those who participate in this.

Please make sure you continue to bring your reading records into school each day.

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  1. Olivia Reply

    I’m excited to do the new maths work as maths is my favourite subject

  2. Charlotte Reply

    I love play scripts !

  3. Charlotte Reply

    I also love drama and performing so it is going to be fun!

  4. Charlotte Reply

    I’ll try my best to walk cycle or scoot to school but I can’t quite take the bus!

  5. Ellen Reply

    English sounds like fun, I love play scripts

  6. Ellen Reply

    Maths is my favourite subject and I also like shapes

  7. Ellen Reply

    I will try and walk to school as often as possible

  8. OSC@R Reply

    I am participating in walk-to-school week! 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  9. Manon Reply

    I will definitely walk, scoot or cycle to school. Mostly I cycle, but I’ll walk as well

  10. Manon Reply

    I can’t believe you are allowed to take the bus?!

  11. Manon Reply

    This week sounds exciting, I like writing Playscripts

  12. Manon Reply

    Shapes are cool too!

  13. Manon Reply

    Are there different parts of a circle? I looked online and it sounds very complicated!

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