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This week we have writing obituaries about a famous person. Who have you written about? What were they well-known for?

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  1. Klaudia Reply

    I did about Charlotte Mintelou the star horse rider.

  2. Holly Reply

    I wrote about a fictional vet called Sally David Tekkarra who was born in Rome, Italy.

  3. Zuzanna Reply

    My person is called Chloe Valarine and she is famous for acting!

  4. Ade Reply

    My Obituary was a lady named Lisa Maxwell. She was famous for her stunning artwork.

  5. lucas Reply

    my character was called John Johnson and he was a singer.

  6. Jacob Reply

    It was really enjoyable writing the obituaries.

  7. Layla Reply

    I write about Emily-Catherine Smith she rescued animals of hights

  8. abby Reply

    i wrote about someone called Annie Cole she was a very famous singer.

  9. Katy Reply

    I wrote about a fictional person called Melissa Jestro-Lepcott
    who is famous for winning the Europians 3 years in a row wich is extremely rare!

  10. Tomas Reply

    I wrote about this guy called tom ward he is the best football player of all times(hes made up)

  11. Ava Reply

    I wrote about Effie-Rose Dale who was a hurdler

  12. olivia Reply

    I have written about a woman called Lucy-Anning and she is well known for being an actor

  13. mae Reply

    i wrote about an actor

  14. Joseph Reply

    I did about rick marshal Hestlington an inventor

  15. Alex Reply

    Mine was about a Movie star called Richard McNelson Patrick and died for stomach problems! 🙁

  16. Jaimie Reply

    I have written about someone called Daniel “Platy” O’Harrier and he was famous for being an awe-inspiring veterinarian surgeon! He had a fish called Noodles and a platypus (hence the nickname) called Chilli!

  17. mae Reply

    He was called Bob and he died in a car crash, he was an actor.

  18. gasu Reply

    I wrote about a woman called Rapunzal Fleur Daie and she was famous for killing the evil witch Magony

  19. khai Reply

    my man was haliko hes a famous scientist hes very cool… aand awesome hes got a robot called josh and a robot helper who got killed by josh his name was T.B.H.M the best helping machine

  20. libby Reply

    I wrote about a guy called ‘ Bob Astrid ‘ and was well known for his poems

  21. Molly Reply

    i wrote about Rosey-Birch-Mckend a famous singer and actor

  22. dominic Reply

    i wrote about someone called jack he is famous for being the first one in the whole world to recive the funny award by mardret fatcher

  23. Tom.C Reply

    Jeff Bookey became famous by rising through the ranks of the SAS and becoming an MI6 agent of the highest level.

  24. Dylan Reply

    I enjoyed it 🙂

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