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New Arrivals…

As you all may know, Park Grove has the fortunate opportunity to be given some chicks!At the moment they are extremely small as they are still tiny eggs.Although they are small eggs now, in a matter of two or more days they will transform into lively chicks.The suspense will never stop rising until they hatch so watch very carefully until this happens…

Katy H

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  1. class6 Reply

    It’s really egg-citing Katy! Class 8 looked very carefully at the eggs to check for cracks… maybe today we will see something!

    – Miss Land.

  2. Molly Reply

    i love em there so cut and fluffy we held them today

  3. zuzanna Reply

    They’re cute and FLUFFY!

  4. Layla Reply

    I love them when, we held them yesterday they were so fluffy! 🙂

  5. Joseph Reply

    i missed out 🙁

  6. Oleg Reply

    There are six

  7. Klaudia Reply

    They’re sooo cute and fluffy ! 🙂

  8. Molly Reply

    i ment to say there so cute and fluffy we held them today

  9. Ava Reply

    I love them so much that I named all of the black ones: Smokey,Shadow and Charcoal. 😀

  10. Tomas Reply

    they are so cute and fluffy!

  11. Joseph Reply

    The chicks were very cute and adorable they were so fluffy! We held them on the twelfth I wonder why one was called Gary?

  12. Holly Reply

    I LOVE the chicks! They are so adorable and fluffy and they’re only babies. They make these cute tweeting sounds which melt your heart.

  13. William Reply

    It was really exciting to see them hatch!

  14. Alex Reply

    They were so cute, and fluffy I really enjoy it! 😀 😀

  15. olivia Reply

    they are soo cute and fluffy!

  16. lucas Reply

    they are cool

  17. mae Reply

    their so fluffy i really enjoyed holding them

  18. Dylan Reply

    i like chickens and when im older im going to be one

  19. abby Reply

    soooooooooooooo cute and fluffy, they are nearly as fluffy as my cat!

  20. Ade Reply

    The chicks were so cute exspecially Gary and the black one.

  21. Jaimie Reply

    I have totally fallen in love with the chicks! Their soft feathers gleam yellow, inky-black and russet-tinted and their sharp beaks peck your fingers as their spindly, orangey legs cycle round and round frantically. I find that they each have unique personalities! For example, Gary is alert and the first black one likes a lot of attention.

  22. Tom.N Reply

    I cannot wait till all the chicks hatch!

  23. gasu Reply

    All the chicks are adorable but the one that I fell for was the black one that was born on Wednesday. I suggest to call it Smoky

  24. luke Reply

    they are as cute as my red nose ( made on Friday 13 march 2015 red nose day) the are SO FLUFFY! CUTE AND FLUFFY!

  25. libby Reply

    They were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Also I got to see one hatch out of its egg after school on Thursday. What a cool experience

  26. Dan Reply

    Yeah I loved the cute chicks bro they are awesome!

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