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Oh What A Match…

Tuesday morning saw the fifth Table Tennis Ladder League final and what a titanic tussle it was. Eventually after two of the best quality sets in a final Park Grove has ever seen, Reuben Pugh was the new winner beating Kian Kennedy 11-9 11-9 in front of an enthralled crowd of Key Stage 2 children and teachers.

There were so many twists and turns and the crowd were absolutely mesmerised by the regular  superb rallies from both players from the first to the last point. Please see the best bits of the final in another post on the Sports Blog page. I would also like to say a huge thanks to my Table Tennis Committee who presented the final. They were absolutely fantastic!

Remember the next Table Tennis tournament starts after Christmas. Places are going fast so please sign up very soon if you don’t want to be disappointed. The sign up sheet is outside my classroom!


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  1. pujani Reply

    I really enjoyed watching this table tennis final.

  2. Laura Reply

    Reuben was so close to losing the 2nd match but he caught up with Kian pretty quickly

  3. Annabelle.M Reply

    I wish i was there to see it! It sounded like it was amazing!

    • Mollie Reply

      It really was a cool match!

  4. lucas Reply

    I really enjoyed that match because it was really entertaining to watch. (I think its the best one yet.)

  5. Ella! Reply

    The final was really interesting! 🙂

  6. Isidora Reply

    This was a very exciting match even though it was quite long. 🙂

  7. Cora Wareh Reply

    I really enjoyed the suspense and fun that the table tennis match brought me. Both players were very good at it and I wish that I was as good at table tennis!

  8. Livy Reply

    Well done Reuben!

  9. jasmine Reply

    This was one of the best ladder league finals yet

  10. H@rley N Reply

    I really enjoyed the Table Tennis final because they were bouncing back at each other from 3 points behind e.g back to 5-5

  11. Mollie Reply

    This was a really cool match to watch and I also really enjoyed watching the powerpoint of all the previous matches!

  12. callie Reply

    I really enjoyed watching and presenting this match.

  13. rosa Reply

    It really was thrilling!

  14. Livy Reply

    You both did so well!

  15. Poppy Walker Reply

    I love watching the table tennis match and I really hope I get into the finals like Reuben and Kian did. However I’m happy Reuben won for class 8.

  16. Sophia Reply

    It was super close but there has to be a winner!

  17. Marcus Reply

    That was certainly a cracking match! (see what I did there! tee hee) But all the same I really enjoyed it all the same

  18. Betsy Reply

    Well done Reuben and Kian!

  19. Reuben Reply

    Wow, what a thrilling game to play in. I really thought Kian played spectacular and there really was no clear winner performance wise.

  20. Sophie Reply

    I thought both competitors played very well but there can only be one winner, well done Reuben.

  21. millie rose larbey Reply

    I missed the match but from reading the comments the table tennis final sounded like it was amazing.

  22. Laura Reply

    I agree Reuben. That match was so close and you were really lucky to have won the second game. (I could tell that you were eager to win)!!

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