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Yesterday you all produced a bird’s-eye view map of our classroom. There were many accurate drawings of Class 8! How confident did you feel when attempting this activity? What did you enjoy?

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  1. Klaudia Reply

    I felt confident with this activity , and I enjoyed all of it

  2. Joseph Reply

    I had to measure a lot of distances but I enjoyed the activity 🙂

  3. Dan Reply

    I really enjoyed this super fun task of drawing a birds eye view of the classroom 😀

  4. lucas Reply

    i enjoyed drawing the classroom

  5. Molly Reply

    i felt confident but it was hard to get things inn the right place

  6. Tomas Reply

    I felt quite confident drawing and i really enjoyed it

  7. Libby Reply

    I felt confident when drawing the class and it was very fun 🙂

  8. olivia Reply

    I enjoyed all of it really!

  9. Ava Reply

    I really enjoyed drawing a birds eye view of our classroom! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  10. Layla Reply

    I found this task a little bit tricky as I had to put everything in the correct place; I also enjoyed this task lots.

  11. Gaurie Reply

    My favorite part of the drawing was sketching out the classroom onto the neat copy.

  12. dominic Reply

    i felt quite confident when i was drawing the classroom 🙂

  13. Jacob Reply

    I enjoyed placing all of the impotent features in.

  14. Ade Reply

    I thought it was really fun especially when we had to draw our own birds-eye view from the classroom.

  15. Zuzanna Reply

    It was a hard for me to draw the outline of the classroom but I enjoyed drawing the different objects we have in the classroom

  16. Alex Reply

    I enjoy the task because I have never done it before and my bird eye view of the classroom looks pretty good!

  17. Jake Reply

    i felt very bad at drawing the things in this classroom as they did’n t look corect

  18. Jaimie Reply

    I think I needed to make sure things were where they were supposed to be because my bird’s eye view was a bit inaccurate. Next time I might need to imagine the class from up high and spend less time on details. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable activity.

  19. William Reply

    I felt reasonably confident as drawing isn’t my favorite thing but in the end I think I did alright.

  20. Danny boy Reply

    drawing a birds eye view of the classroom was very fun 😀

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