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Missing Angles

We have been looking at calculating missing angles this week in triangles, on a straight line and on a point. What tips can you give to calculate missing angles successfully?

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  1. Joseph Reply

    The angle on a straight line is 180 degrees and the angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees. 🙂

  2. dylan Reply

    i found the missing angles easy 😀

  3. Molly Reply

    i fond finding angles quiet easy
    tip: if there are 2 already filled in angles then you add them up and find the difference =(180 degrees straight line )

  4. olivia Reply

    Make sure that if there are 3 angles that you add the two numbers together THEN subtract!

  5. mae Reply

    add up the angles then minus them from the overall angle.

  6. lucas Reply

    i was successful doing missing angles

  7. luke Reply

    I found it easy but section c, that was hard, I think I only got one rong but over all section c was very hard.

  8. Gaurie Reply

    always remember that a straight line is 180 degrees

  9. Zuzanna Reply

    To calculate angles on a straight line, always remember that there are 180′ on a straight line and it will make it easier for you

  10. robby Reply

    I really enjoyed doing the missing angles and i cant wait till we do more in our class room:}

  11. Ava Reply

    I understood missing angles really well!

  12. Jake Reply

    i think it was a straight forward task

  13. Jaimie Reply

    If you are calculating missing angles on a straight line it is quite simple. A straight line is 180 degrees. To find the missing angle you must minus the given angle from 180 and you have your answer! For example: You are given 20 degrees so the missing angle is 180-20=160 degrees! With two or more given angles add them up and continue as normal.

  14. Ade Reply

    When we did the missing angles in maths it was really fun.

  15. khaiyy Reply

    i found it very easy i didn’t need one bit of help i got 9/9 which was awesome i also felt very very confident

  16. Alex Reply

    For a straight line I use the decomposition method from 180.

  17. William Reply

    If its a straight line just minus the angle you already have from 180 and you will get the answer for the missing angle.

  18. Katy Reply

    Remember to concentrate and look very carefully at the angle and remember it is out of 180!

  19. dominic Reply

    An angle on a straight line adds up to 18O or 360 degrees also an angle on a triangle adds up to 18O degrees

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