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Outdoor classroom

Reception children from Class 1 and 2 had a very busy time in the outdoor classroom yesterday.

We were using a large ball to play throw and catch and also as target practise to get the ball in the tyres or crates. Lots of children spent a long time ‘painting’ with water and large paintbrushes. They were having a great time and even sang as they worked!

Our topic this term is food. A couple of the children decided to make a cake using the equipment in the sand tray. They decided they needed some more ingredients, so went hunting in the garden  and brought back stones and twigs which then miraculously, turned into chocolate. Yummy!

Well done everybody for working so well together.

Mrs Rathmell and Mrs Stone


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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I LOVE the food that you have in your cafe and picnic areas!!! what a creative staff we have at Park Grove!!!

  2. class1 Reply

    Yes,we had the same super attitude in Forest Schools!
    We had a marvellous time. There were so many new things to see in the wildlife area. Lots of new shoots popping up. The snowdrops are still looking super and they are now accompanied by some very pretty purple crocuses. There is one daffodil in full bloom and is smells amazing! Quite afew children used pastels to draw them and we’re going to continue our sketching over the next few weeks.
    Sage watched our antics, as usual, yesterday and she seemed particularly impressed by our ‘twig towers’. Mr Stoner and some kind Year 6 children had gathered logs and twigs for this purpose. There were three huge piles for us to work with and we made some amazing sculptures as a result. They should still be there if the wind hasn’t blown them over and they are visible from the gate if you look closely. We really did have a great time and we can’t wait to continue our learning outside next week.
    Ms Lamb

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