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Outer Space

After Easter we will be looking at stories with a fantasy setting. We have spotted lots of  you looking at space related books such as Dr Who and Star Wars so we thought this would be a good fantasy setting for stories and a theme for our topic.

What do you know about space already? Do you know any stories with a space setting? What would you like to learn in our topic? We’ll be doing lots of planning and preparation during the holidays so let us know your answers and we can try to plan for some of your ideas!

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  1. Beatrice Reply

    I want a telescope for my birthday because then I can write lots of facts about space.

  2. Jacob Reply

    I now planets with a ring is danderos .so don’t go to them.

  3. Annie Reply

    I wonder if aliens are real.Pluto isn’t a planet any more.

  4. JAIME Reply

    Once a go there was a little man who went to space.In space it was dark.The Sun was big and bright.And Earth was small.One brightly night he went to Mars.The red planet.It was very hot and he did not had water.If it was hot in there he went to his own house and he lived happly ever after.

    The end.

  5. Isidora Reply

    The first person to step on the moon was Neil Armstrong. He said one small step for man and one giant leap for man kind. [;

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