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PCSO Visit

On Friday we had a visit from one of our local Police Community Support Officers.  What did you enjoy most about the visit and what did you find out that you didn’t already know?

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  1. Sophie Reply

    I loved all of it! I found out the difference between a police officer and a PCSO.

  2. stan Reply

    I found out a lot and I mean a lot.

  3. Betsy Leach Reply

    I enjoyed it and found out so many things!!!!(:(: I want it to happen every afternoon!!

  4. Mani Reply

    it was cool I learnt lots

  5. minnie cotton Reply

    This was my question. What is it like to be a PCSO lady?

  6. Lewkas Reply

    My qustion was do you like your job.

  7. Lewkas Reply

    I enjoyed the sticker activity most and I learned what a stab vest is!

  8. Ella Reply

    Tell me more!I wasn’t here.
    It sounds very exciting.

  9. Helen Reply

    I learnt allot like the difference of the police and PCSO.

  10. Onett Reply

    I learnt that police officers have a yellow electric gun but I also learnt what a PSCO does in his job.

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