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P.E. warm-up games

Faced with a rather cricket wet pitch today, we took our P.E. lesson indoors and took the opportunity to finish showing our P.E. warm-ups. There were a selection of energetic warm-up routines and some entertaining games. Which warm-up was your favourite?

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  1. Pujani Reply

    I loved playing the warm ups.I never new warm ups be could so fun.

  2. Poppy Reply

    I loved Alexander warm up.

  3. harley Reply

    I loved the P.E warm ups a
    specially Annabelle’s warm up the game cat and mouse. 🙂

  4. Alexander (school council) Reply

    My favourite warm-up was Annabelle’s when we were playing Cat and Mouse.

  5. Poppy and Alejandro Reply

    We loved Alexanders warm up.

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