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Park Grove’s got talent!

There were amazing talents on display this afternoon – which did you enjoy most and why?!

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  1. Morgan Reply

    I liked the sour eating contest. It was funny when they put as many as they wanted to in.

  2. Amira Reply

    I thought Eddie, Toby and Amy were really funny! I might be being biased as Toby gave me a free sweet afterwards…

  3. Caleb Reply

    The “Annoying siblings” play!!

  4. Cameron Reply

    It was shamazing and shectacular and Max was shilliant

  5. Martha Reply

    I liked William and Katie’s ‘Annoying siblings’ short play because it was really funny!

  6. Ellie Reply

    Toby, Eddie and Amy’s sour sweet challenge!

  7. Indie Reply

    I liked all of it. I thought Max and Morgans football skills were amazing,Amy Edwared and Toby sweet trick was awesome and Moya and lydia were so so good.

  8. devi Reply

    i really enjoyed all the acts. I’m learning how to play what Sam was playing in guitar.

  9. huw Reply

    I found the annoying siblings play really funny

  10. Ellie b Reply

    I thought that Katie and William’s annoying siblings act was really funny and especially at the end when William said “I am bored, where is Holly?”

  11. Amy Reply

    I liked the let it go one it was a blast.

    The sour sweets were very very very very sour.

  12. Miss Sawyer Reply

    I really enjoyed all the singing as well as the comedy!

  13. Bethan Reply

    I enjoyed all of it from silly to serious to simply crazy!

  14. Holly Reply

    I was sick, I missed a ton of exciting events. I wish I wasn’t ill.

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