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Ice Cream Party!

I don’t usually get invited to posh parties filled with celebrities but yesterday Park Grove hosted an end of the year celebration packed with famous people! Year 6s – you sang, you laughed, you danced and you consumed vast quantities of ice cream!

Which ‘famous person’ were you most excited to see?!

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  1. Morgan Reply

    Max as Rapunzel.

  2. Darby Reply

    It was so funny when Max turned up as a princess, but i really enjoyed Barry.

  3. Amira Reply

    Rapunzel; Otherwise known as Princess Max.

  4. Ellie.P Reply

    Like everyone else… Princess Max.

  5. Bethan Reply

    I thought Izzy looked amazing,William looked colourful, Jasmines hair was massive, Leila’s top was shamazing, Toby and Nicole look crazy, Amy looked scary, Morgan looked hurt,Lauren looked army like,Archie and Marshall looked cool, Moya looked great, Erin looked cute, Lydia looked pretty, George looked funny, Thomas looked ninjaey, Melo looked like Pikachu, Jaydon looked old, Mrs steel looked coy boyey, Ms Campbell looked spectacular, Mrs Old lookedpink, Miss Bird looked Queeny, Mrs Sawyer looked Egyptiany, Huw looked wet, everyone else looked great and Max looked …

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