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% Perfect percentages! %

Today in maths we have been exploring percentages, finding a range of different percentages from amounts of money. We found out how to calculate 50%, 10%, 25% etc, but also had the challenge to calculate more difficult percentages like 27%, 88% or 47.5%!

Class 9 – what have you learnt about finding percentages? What tips can you remember?

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  1. kian Reply

    10 = divide by 10

  2. freddie Reply

    Wow its funny how I find percentages a struggle but come to think of it its not so bad afterall this was no struggle like it used to be. : )

  3. Molly Reply

    You can use little tricks to help find percentages like 50% and 25% can make 75%.

  4. ben Reply

    i got 61.75%

  5. Manon Reply

    I really enjoyed this lesson working out percentages of a number. I now feel really confident and I can’t wait to do more! 🙂
    MY TIP:
    My tip is that you should find the easiest percentages first, like 50 and 10 and 1, then you can find the more difficult percentages by adding, subtracting,multiplying or dividing the percentage. 😀 Simple!

  6. jessie Reply

    I have fun finding 50% and 75% as well.

  7. Charlotte Reply

    I enjoyed working with Molly to find percentages of 150. We first found the normal ones but then we started to find random ones like 94%!

  8. Becca Reply

    I enjoyed this lesson on percentages.

  9. polinastankova Reply

    I found percentages very fun and hope to do it again?:)

  10. franchesca Reply

    I really enjoyed doing this maths activity but it was very challenging i might need a bit more practice and help because i didn’t understand it that much. So I hope we can have a bit more practice on the maths work again (:

  11. Manon Reply

    Can we do some more soon? 😀

  12. Ellen Reply

    i learnt that if you divide by ten you find ten percent of something

  13. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    I got something like 361.655114% of 328

  14. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    The first steps I would do would be:
    50% (100%/2)
    10% (100&/10)
    25% (50%/2)
    1% (10%/10)
    5% (1%x5 or 50%/10 or 10%/2)

  15. oscar (school council) :P Reply

    Percentages are great to work with – they’re really fun 😀 😀 😛 😛 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

  16. Elle Reply

    I challenged myself to do 83.5%%%%%%%%%%%

  17. Elle Reply

    It was great fun!?

  18. jessie Reply

    I enjoyed working with my partner we got stuck but we know how to do it now!!

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