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Persuasive Language…

This week we have working on using persuasive phrases to include in our leaflet about our fictional county.  What fabulous phrases have you used this week?

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  1. Molly Reply

    A look that will take you breath away

  2. Layla Reply

    Step back in time!

  3. Klaudia Reply

    My fictional county was called Faibuxshire , and I wrote lots of phrases 🙂 (I think so )

  4. William Reply

    The world renowned.

    An astonishing place where treasured memories last.

  5. jake Reply

    come for ever long lasting memories and; a long lasting smile and all the fun in the world!

  6. Tomas Reply

    I enjoyed doing our county leaflet and using persuasive language

  7. Jacob Reply

    Come to, Marval at, Taste the.

  8. mae Reply

    I put that if they booked now they’ed get 40% off!

  9. lucas Reply

    2015 award winning beer

  10. dominic Reply

    I put once in a life time opportunity.

  11. Ade Reply

    Experience our most MOUTHWATERING food in the WORLD!

  12. khai Reply

    im very persuasive in my writing well just that piece 🙂

  13. Dan Reply

    I put what are you waiting for and let the adventure begin! 😀

  14. Katy Reply

    I used memorable and a dream come true.I really enjoyed this activity! 🙂

  15. Gaurie Reply

    One of my favorite phrases I used was ‘you must come to…’

  16. Alex Reply

    I’ve used phrases like memories for a lifetime, does your frown let you down and much more!

  17. Holly Reply

    I really loved writing the leaflets! I included phrases such as drink in your surroundings in small mesmerized gulps and Sunnybankhills will find a place to nestle in your heart.

  18. libby Reply

    come and have an amazing adventure at …

  19. Jaimie Reply

    Dive in…

    Where dreams come true…

    Under 5s go free!

    I have enjoyed thinking about my county – Wolvertonshire!

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