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PG 5 Rights!

On Monday afternoon, class 9 created 6 dazzling posters inspired by the 5 rights created by the school council of Park Grove. We learnt about the five new rights (Play safely, Inclusion, Good manners, Respect, Positive language) and thought about the responsibilities we would each have to ensure all children have that right. This arty and PHSCE based lesson allowed us to make our own collage posters by using many different materials such as old cards, scrap paper and photos. This was an especially fun and exciting treat for all the class! 

Class 9 – what right did your group look at in detail? What responsibilities do you have for that right? What did you enjoy most about creating your interactive poster?

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  1. Chloe Reply

    This were so much fun – our post box idea on ours poster was pretty good I hope people in class will post away their bad & unhappy thoughts in the post box. I’m so happy that we got ‘positive language’ as our right because using this kind of language helps people a lot. E.g. We’ll meet again don’t know where don’t know when but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day… 🌞🌈🎤

    • class9 Reply

      What a lovely link to our World War 2 topic and music/PE work Chloe! I also think the post box idea is great 🙂

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