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Pie Charts

This week we have been looking at pie charts. What can you tell me about them?

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  1. jake Reply

    they section of data

  2. Tomas Reply

    Pie charts are used to show data.

  3. Zuzanna Reply

    Its a type of graph, it shows data and its in a shape of a circle

  4. ade Reply

    i really engoyed the pie charts in maths

  5. Joseph Reply

    They store data by splitting a circle into sections.

  6. Alexander Reply

    pie charts are a type of graph and it’s in a circle 🙂

  7. jake Reply

    and you can be more accurate with angles

  8. Holly Reply

    The lesson on pie charts was exceedingly great.
    The three main things you need to remember are: It’s a type of graph, it represents data and is in the form of a circle. We drew the sections of the pie charts with protractors. Therefore we could get the exact angle and the perfect shape.

  9. Layla Reply

    I really enjoyed making pie charts.

    I learnt that they are always in a circle.

    They show data.

  10. Ava Reply

    I really enjoyed learning about pie charts and it is a really good way to show data.

    Did you know that the first person to use a pie chart was Florence Nightingale she used it to show the different diseases in the war. 😀

  11. lucas Reply

    i now understand how a pie chart works

  12. mae Reply

    they’re a type of graph that stores data

  13. Oleg Reply

    Pie charts tell you data also there formed in a circle.

  14. Molly Reply

    i found the pie charts easy and fun

  15. Jaimie Reply

    Pie charts are a type of graph, display data and are a circle. They are called ‘pie’ charts because of the sections, segments or ‘slices’. You can use percentages and fractions with them.

  16. abby Reply

    it is part of a circal !

  17. dominic Reply

    A pie chart is a way of showing data of some sort.

  18. abby Reply

    sorry i cant spell!

  19. Katy Reply

    Pie charts are a type of graph.It holds data of some sort for example yesterday we made pie charts on what cars were in the car park.

  20. Jacob Reply

    A pie chart is a part of a circle and a graph.

  21. olivia Reply

    its a type of way to show data and a type of graph!

  22. libby Reply

    A pie chart includes :

    * Its in a shape of a circle.

    * It shows data been collected.

    * It includes angles.

  23. Joseph Reply

    I liked doing pie charts 🙂

  24. Jaimie Reply

    I hope you liked my pie chart I handed in.

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