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They’re, there, their

Can you show that you know how to use they’re, there and their?!

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  1. Helen Reply

    They’re off over there by their smooth golden dog. While they walked, they heard a child, who could wail as loud as a whale!

  2. Chelsea Reply

    Today they’re going to their beach over there and the sea is blue which I can see.

  3. Sara Reply

    They’re going to visit their granny’s house which is over there and then they’re going to see the sea.

  4. louie Reply

    They’re going to get their new computer over there. They knew it was good.

  5. Kian Reply

    They’re running quickly through their garden over there, dodging thorns and brambles to see the sea!

  6. Mollie Reply

    They’re over there with their friend and they have their dog with them. But they are off the find a pair of pears and they are tied together with a knot that they could not unknot.

    (It didn’t make sense at first but I changed the words a bit.)

  7. mani Reply

    homophones are awesome ;P

  8. Joe Reply

    They’re over there with their freezing ice creams lying about sports while lying down on a wooden bench.

  9. Betsy Reply

    Look over there, they’re going to the new farm. The animals are going to eat their lunch; it will be so cute.

  10. Molly Reply

    “They ‘re going to see the sea over there and they’ve brought their picnic basket.”

  11. Onett Reply

    They’re going to move to their lovely, new, high-tech mansion which is all the way over there. They’re careless because they accidentally poured plain flour all over their bright and vibrant flower pot.

  12. Ben Be Reply

    Today they’re are going to their significant house to go over there to see the glaring blue sea.

  13. mani Reply

    They’re going down to their beach to see the sea. 😀 😛

  14. Lewkas Reply

    They’re going for a sleepover there,so their bags are packed. You can see the majestic sea.

  15. Mollie Reply

    I think homophones are cool. 😉 :p

  16. masha Reply

    They’re going to buy their umbrella from the shop over there by their house.

  17. Millie Reply

    They’re walking their dogs over there to the park. Then they’re going to get an ice lolly over by the cliffs where they can see the sea glistening in the sun light. (A)

  18. Harry Reply

    My Granny and Grandad are over there and they’re coming away with me and they brought their dog and were going to the sea to see whales.

  19. Travis Reply

    There is the beach and their coat is on the beach and they’re mainly here to see the sea.

  20. lucy Reply

    Excitingly they’re going to a witch party party, which is over there, near the sea.After their party they’re going to see the crystal blue sea and buy a pair of sun glasses. Suprisingly they are hungry so they bought a pear and said goodbye to their friends from their party.

  21. Harvey Reply

    They’re going over there to share their pair of pears with their parents.

  22. Ralph Reply

    They’re going down stairs to get their coats.

  23. Oscar (SCHOOL COUNCIL) Reply

    🙂 😀 😛 They’re over there with their wallet looking for something to buy. Oh, they’re saying “By” now. They’ve got a pair of mussels and a juicy pear. Wait a minute, they know it’s a fake pair of mussels so they’re saying “Wait! No! Give a refund! They’re now very annoyed so they’re going to see the beautiful sea. They need some bread so when they’ve finished they’re going to knead some dough to make some bread But their child is going to cubs and he does not know how to tie a knot.

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