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Project ideas

We have set our first homework project today. What ideas have you got for your project?

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  1. Mollie Reply

    I am planning to do my project about Mary I.I can’t wait!

    • Manon Reply

      You better get going then Mollie!!!!!!!!

  2. Sophie Reply

    I am planning to do my project on Elizabeth I.I’m really excited!

  3. Onett Reply

    I am looking forward to do about the many kings and
    Queens of the Tudor times. My favourite
    king was King Henry the eighth.

  4. Manon Reply

    It’s so hard the project when you have to think about it.

  5. Manon Reply

    I think I might be doing Henry the VIII.

  6. Manon Reply

    It’s good that we are doing Tudors for topic because everyone loves the Tudors now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lewkas Reply

    I would rather do Henry VII and his wife Elizabeth of York.

  8. Ella Reply

    I’m planing to do Elizabeth 1. I’ve got started already.

  9. Manon hollingworth Reply

    I haven’t started yet on my project but soon I maybe will.How many days have we got now?

    • class5 Reply

      Read the class newsletter Manon!

  10. Minnie Cotton Reply

    I am planning my prodgect but still thinking

  11. Naia Reply

    I think that now we are going to do a project about the teeth. And I think that I’m going to do the tooth project and not the tudor project. Its ok Mr Mastrelli?

  12. Mr Mastrelli Reply

    That is absolutely fine Naia. Estoy seguro de que será genial!

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