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Pump up the Volume…

I was really impressed with your accurate volume work on Monday. What formula must you use to calculate the volume of a shape? Is there a certain order?

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  1. mani Reply

    width x height x length

  2. 0sc@r :D :D Reply

    🙂 😀 😛 😉 🙂 😀 😛 😉 Volume=length x height x width (V=HLW)is the formula.
    There is no particular order. If I had to times 4,5 and 6:
    4×5=20×6=120cm cubed
    4×6=24×5=120cm cubed
    5×6=30×4=120cm cubed
    They all come to 120 cm cubed. For cubed you can put a mini 3 at the top right hand corner, but I can’t put that on the computer. :/

  3. Ben (school council) Reply

    You have to times the length by the width by the height and it doesn’t have to be in a certain order.

  4. Travis Reply

    You multiply the length, width and height together. Your total will be the volume.

  5. Chelsea Reply

    You would use the length, the height and the width. There wasn’t a certain order that you had to do you could do any you liked.

  6. Kyle Reply

    There is no order to do the volume and you do the length width and height and you can do it in any order but look at them carefully because there might be easier ways than others so choose carefully.

  7. Kian Reply

    There is not a certain order to finding the volume but you have to times the length by the height by the width.

  8. Aruma Reply

    You times the length by the height by the with in any order.:)

  9. Sam Salter Reply

    Length X width X height

  10. Louie Reply

    The formula is times length by width by height 🙂 🙂

  11. J@de Reply

    No there is not a certain ordered you can start by times in lenth, hight or width you just need to times them all together

  12. kyran Reply

    I need more work on the volume of shapes

  13. Molly Reply

    Length times width.:)

  14. Janet Reply

    There isn’t a certain order. 🙂 All you do is length*width. 😉

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