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Winter Time…

This week we looked at and performed the classic winter poem “Winter Time” by Robert Louis Stevenson. What is the poem about? Did you like it ? If so why?

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  1. mani Reply

    I liked learning the lines and actions. 😀

  2. J@de Reply

    I liked it because it gave my a wintery fealing and me in the Christmas spirit

  3. Ben (school council) Reply

    I liked this poem because it gave you a wintery feeling whenever you spoke a line or did an action.

  4. Chelsea Reply

    The poem was about the good things of winter also I really enjoyed the poem because of the images that it put in your mind.

  5. lauren Reply

    The poem was based on the great times in winter. I really enjoyed working as a group to make our poem effective.

  6. Emma Reply

    I really liked this poem because its getting me excited for the snow and sitting by a candle also a fire.

  7. Abi Reply

    The poem was about snow and winter I liked the poem because it was talking about the soft snow and this is a line from the poem shivering in my nakedness.

  8. Amalie Reply

    I liked this poem because it is very creative and it gets me in a Winter spirit.

  9. Lucy Reply

    I really liked this wintery poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. I liked it because it got you into the Christmas spirit.

  10. Travis Reply

    The poem is about the good things in winter. I loved the poem because I just love the picture of a lovely, winter-time themed setting, plus I also love the season itself. I love the last line about the snow covering the mountains and the countryside.

  11. Molly Reply

    It’s about winter ; I liked it very much because it was very well written.

  12. kyran Reply

    I really liked learning the winter time poem

  13. Louie Reply

    The poem was about the good things about winter and the bad things about winter

  14. 0sc@r :D :D Reply

    I liked how they integrated all different features of a poem at all times, not a verse with lots of assonance and another with lots of personification. It is about someone waking up on a Winter morning to explore and adventure other places with the wind blowing up their nose. 🙂 😀 😛 😉 🙂 😀 😛 😉

  15. Nicola (Playground Buddy) Reply

    I liked the poem because it is nice and calm to read and makes you feel as if it is snowing already.

  16. leah Reply

    I really liked the way the poem described the sun.

  17. Joe Reply

    This poem was loads of fun to read out and do actions to as well!

  18. Kyle Reply

    This poem is about the happy things about Winter not about the bad thins about it I liked it because it makes me feel exited.

  19. ben Reply

    the poem was about winter time, I really liked performing it in front of the school.

  20. Amalie Reply

    It was very calm and wintery :p

  21. FLETCHER Reply

    I learned what personification means and how to use it in writting

  22. Janet Reply

    The poem is about getting ready to go out in Winter. I like it because since its very old and very pleasant too.

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