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Quiz Questions…

We’ve had great fun completing a general knowledge quiz this week. I’d like  you to see if you can pose some general knowledge quiz questions for your classmates. Why not blog a tricky question with a choice of four possible answers then see who will be able to answer correctly? Good luck Class 8!

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  1. Klaudia Reply

    I like these tests I think they’re fun 🙂

  2. Jaimie Reply

    What do more people get killed by than sharks?

    a) coconuts
    c) cassowaries (large birds)
    d) crocodiles

  3. Holly Reply

    I loved to have a go at the quiz and I can’t wait to see who will be the finalists.

  4. William Reply

    Who designed the shard in london!

    A. Bob Marley

    B. Christopher Wren

    C. Renz Piano

    D. Michael Grey

  5. Jaimie Reply

    What is the strange ‘superpower’ of the Medusa Jellyfish?

    a) it can turn it’s prey to stone, like Medusa
    b) it can loose it’s head, and survive
    c) it can never die
    d) it has snake-like organisms growing out of the ‘bell’ or body

    • Klaudia Reply

      Is it D?

      • Jaimie Reply

        No sorry, the answer is that it can never die!

  6. Joseph Reply

    Which of these did Albert Einstein suffer from?

    A. Deafness B. Blindness C.Autism D. Dyslexia

  7. Layla Reply

    Who is the fastest runner in the world

    A. Usane Bolt 😀

    B. Mo Pharah 😀

    C. Mr Mastrelli 😀

  8. Jaimie Reply

    What species group is a scorpion in?

    a) insects (beetles, flies e.g.)
    b) arachnids (spiders, ticks, mites e.g.)
    c) mammals (humans, dogs, kangaroos e.g.)
    d) molluscs (snails, slugs e.g.)

  9. Ade Reply

    how many dominoes fell in the world record?




  10. Holly Reply

    Who was a famous music artist which suffered from deafness?

    a) Beethoven.
    b) Edvard Grieg.
    c) Avril Lavigne.

  11. Jaimie Reply

    Is the answer to Holly’s deafness question a)?

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