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We had a fabulous time yesterday in the forest. We’re learning about Chinese New Year.

It was a beautiful day, cold and fresh. We put on our wellies and discovered two ‘dragons in a bag’. Well, the props at least to make two dragons. We had curly pom poms for flames and ribbon to make the dragon move. We stomped around the forest and recited our dragon chant,

‘Oh a dragon’s very fierce, a dragon’s very tough. And when he breathes out orange fire the smoke comes out in puffs. His scales are shining green, they make a rattling sound. His feet go stomp, his teeth go chomp, his tail thumps on the ground!’

It was great fun doing it together in two big groups and then we used the props to make up our own dances. Sage watched from a safe distance. She didn’t seem overly impressed by the noise! We enjoyed it though, it was brilliant fun. Just look at the photos!dragon 1dragon 2

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  1. Dylan (school council) Reply

    You must of had fun.

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