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Rain, rain, rain

You all wrote some fabulous poems last week. Could you write be about the weather and post it  here? We’ll read them all out in  class.

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  1. Bethan (School council) Reply

    I hope you don’t mind me having a go class 4!

    Sun goes shine and rain goes tap,
    Lightning is silent but thunder goes clap,
    snow just falls and dances about,
    wind is cold and make me SHOUT!

    • class4 Reply

      Of course not! Great poem, thank you.

  2. Bethan (School council) Reply

    No problem I had fun doing it if you want you can read it out in class but you don’t have to!

  3. Holly Reply

    Rain wetness on our heads
    And rain clouds come to wet our heads
    I and you hate the rain
    Night time is wet time

    Drops of rain into pots everywhere
    Raindrops here I come
    Ovals of rain dropping everywhere
    Pots full of rain here and there.

    • class4 Reply

      Fantastic Holly. Maybe we should write sun poems to make it sunny!!

  4. Annie Reply

    Sunny sunny let’s get funny until the world has gone brown.
    Rain rain stop being silly just teak your hat off.

  5. Ellissia Reply

    Rain rain go a way run to Spain and back a gain

    • class4 Reply

      I wish it would Ellissia!

  6. Isidora Reply

    Rain v sun,
    Which one little bun?
    I know now, both!
    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww it’s sunny!

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