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Rainforest assembly

Well done to all of you for your fantastic performance this morning. You all spoke  loudly and clearly . The rain sticks looked wonderful and sounded just like rain!

Thank you to Ms Savoia and Mrs Chambers for all their help in getting the props ready.

Did you enjoy the assembly?

What did your parents think?

Mrs Carr-Brion& Mrs Hearson.

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  1. Janet Jacobi Reply

    We thought it was Awesome!!!!
    All the children spoke so clearly, especially in the alphabet section. We were sat right at the back and could hear every word.

    The song words were fantastic. I wish I could make up lyrics so apt for the rain forest. I wouldn’t know where to start but class 4 had so many aspects and creatures covered

    The best bit were the wonderful rain sticks and rain forest sound effects. Even better still was being allowed to come up and have a closer look at the instruments you had all made. Wow such detail

    We went home singing the song down the street

  2. class1 Reply

    I agree with you Mrs Jacobi. I thought the rain sticks were amazing and the effect of playing them together was spectacular!
    I’ve never made my own but have plenty of dried things in the cupboard left over from Christmas. I’ll make one this week I think. Thanks for the inspiration! Ms Lamb

  3. Beatrice Reply

    I really enjoyed the rainforest song and the sounds of the rainforest.

  4. Jacob Reply

    I loved all of the songs and the rithem.

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