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Ratio investigation

We had a great time mixing and taste testing different drinks during our lesson on ratio this week.  Which was your favourite cup and what was its ratio of juice to water?

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  1. Kian Reply

    My favourie cup was Cup 4 thhe ratio for orang squash – water was 40ml – 10ml

  2. Betsy and Avalon Reply

    Avalon:I think the last one because it was strong, the ratio was 4:1.

  3. Millie Reply

    My favourite was 1:4.

  4. Betsy Reply

    My favourite juice was cup 2 and the ratio was 2:3

  5. Jacob Reply

    I liked cup 2 (2 parts juice to 3 parts water) 😛 🙂 😉

  6. Molly and Harry Reply

    My favorite cup was cup 1 and the ratio to water was 10:40 and Harry@s was cup 4 the ratio was 40 squash and 10 warter

  7. Joshua Reply

    my favorite cup was cup 1/4 1=10 ml-40 ml 4=40 ml-10 ml

  8. Lewkas Reply

    I liked number 4 with 4:1 ratio as it was very strong and tasty!

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