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Viking artefacts

We have had an amazing wooden chest delivered to our class this week, packed full of amazing objects for our Vikings topic.  We’ve investigated all of the objects, asked questions about what they might be and who might have used them and have spent some time doing observational drawings.  Which was the most intriguing object and why?

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  1. Sara Reply

    The fire kit because i LOVE camping

  2. Amber Reply

    My favorite one was the antler because it looks really nice.

  3. Kian Reply

    The scales were most interesting because there was lots of questions like why was it in such a precious case?

  4. Onett and Lucy Reply

    I think that the most intriguing object was the shield because it was very interesting looking at Viking Armour. I never thought thought it would be so light.

    I think that the most intriguing object was the purse with Viking money in it because it was extremely exciting being able to see real viking coins!

  5. Ben and Chelsea Reply


    I think the most intriguing one was the Viking helmet because it had lots of features.

    Ben: I thought the most intriguing was the animal fur because you ask a lot of questions about it.:)

  6. Mollie Reply

    My favourite artifacts were the necklace, Mjollnir charm and the fur coat. I especially enjoyed drawing and observing the artifacts.

  7. Oscar (school council) Reply

    1. The helmet and shield, I love weaponry and
    2. The awesome clay pot it has lots of interesting patterns painted on.
    🙂 😉 😀

  8. Avalon Reply

    My favourite artefact was the necklace with the coin

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