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This week we have looked at Ratio and Proportion in Maths.

On Tuesday, we looked at making the perfect orange squash drink. What did your group consider to be the perfect ratio?

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  1. Miss Sawyer Reply

    That’s making me thirsty!!

    • Lucas Reply

      It was very fun Miss Sawyer.

  2. sara Reply

    We consider that (100ml of water to 50ml of the orange squash drink) is the perfect ratio which is 2:1

  3. Mollie Reply

    My group thought that 1:4 was the perfect drink.

  4. ben Reply

    i found ratio difficult but i eventually got there and i realy enjoyed the perfect orange squash activity.:)

  5. Charlie Reply

    My group thought 1:4 was perfect orange squash drink.

  6. Chelsea and logan Reply

    Are perfect squash drink was:

    350ml of water and 100ml of squash. Wich in ratio it was 1:3.5.

  7. Ells Reply

    I think our groups was 100ml of squash and 350ml of water.I can’t really remember.

  8. Reuben Pugh Reply

    I loved that maths lesson as we got to drink the orange squash.

  9. M@non Reply

    My group thought the perfect ratio was 1:4.I love ratio so much!

  10. Lucy and Joe Reply

    The Ratio was very exciting looking at the perfect orange squash drink.We also looked at doing word problems of Ratio as well.

  11. Joseph Williams Reply

    this maths lesson was the best yet (after the grid method of course)!!

  12. Sophie Reply

    My group thought that 150ml orange squash to 350ml water was the perfect orange squash drink.

  13. Onett Perera Reply

    That was the best maths lesson ever on ratio, my favorite part was that we could taste the squash. My perfect ratio was

  14. Stanley Reply

    It was very hard making the perfect drink.

  15. Freddie Reply

    I thought that the orange squash was to sweet. 🙁

  16. Shannon G. Reply

    The maths lesson was awesome I enjoyed tasting orange it was cool!

  17. sophia Reply


  18. Helen Reply

    I loved it although most attempts were to sweet or to watery.

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