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The reds are in the lead…

After a strong start by the green team, the red team have edged into the lead in the class 2 marble challenge, after a fanstastic enrichment day. I heard so many excellent reports from other KS1 staff about how hard class 2 children worked across the whole day, and about how enthusiastic they were. Because of that, the marble contest is very close and any team could still win!

Mr Baines

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  1. Janet Jacobi Reply

    Henry has come home daily and reported which team won and if he got any marbles etc. It is obviously catching his imagination

    I think it is a great scheme as is the postcard home (thank you). Such positive reinforcement all around!

  2. class2 Reply

    That is lovely to hear Mrs Jacobi! He tries ever so hard and deserve lots of praise! Thanks for your feedback,

    Mrs Horner

  3. Mrs Rathmell Reply

    I know there was very little in the teams for this weeks marble challenge. So,which team came out on top?

    Mrs Rathmell

  4. class2 Reply

    It was yellow, I will let Mr Baines know about all the good feedback from the marble challenge,


  5. Bethan (School council) Reply

    Wow sounds like you all had super duper fun!

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